Monday, October 29, 2007

Year 1 - Week 2

Its been a bad week for me - my computer HDD has been wiped by a virus. Fortunately I was able to back up most of my files before I left the Philippines, as well as most of the files produced and updated in the last month of travelling and holidaying. Unfortunately I neglected my portfolio, and as a consequence I didnt take up my Austindo rights - which cost me $500 in actual money, plus more importantly $2500 in opportunity costs. Since the price of gold has increased by some $40/oz in the last week, this stock has soared 40% from 1.1c to 1.5c. And the game is just starting. I paid $500 for the 0.1c right, but forfeited that money when I didnt pay the $5000 in appliocation fees (1c per right), which would have given me 500,000 shares.

ARX is of course unhedged. Its not a good time to buy if you are thinking to buy ARX as traders will be dumping the stock soon as all those speculators that took a stake will be seeking to exit before others. But more upside perhaps. I didnt look at the chart.

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